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    June 11, 2020 5 min read

    While the change of seasons is often a symbol of new beginnings, reworking your wardrobe to suit the changing weather can be a bit of a pain.

    Admit it. We’ve all been there.

    Spending a morning pulling chunky sweaters and coats out from boxes that were packed away at the start of summer and switching your mindset from styling light summer dresses to heavy duty long sleeves, is not something we actively look forward to each year.

    Which is why, here at Twosisters the Label, we are huge fans of styles that can be worn throughout the year!

    Gone are the days of a wardrobe that is specifically for either summer or winter. We are in an era of trans-seasonal wear that seamlessly transitions from a warm summer day to a cold winter morning.

    We speak to content creator, Jo Melody and senior stylist, Ena Vujcic about their favourite ways to style a midi skirt in winter.

    Jo Melody Maia Skirt Peach

    Jo describes her style as ‘boho chic’. Drawing style inspiration from other content creators and her mum’s wardrobe, she readily admits that she’s a sucker for a neutral colour palette!

    What do you love about the Maia skirt?

    The Maia skirt is such an elegant style! I love that it can be styled many ways, so it is versatile and can be worn through all four seasons. My top tip for wearing midi skirts in winter is to wear tights underneath! It keeps you warm and toasty, plus no one has to know that you’re wearing tights underneath the skirt!

    Why did you style the Maia skirt this way?

    When I initially tried on the Maia skirt, I loved how flowy and free-spirited I felt in it, so I really wanted to show that off.

    I paired the skirt with my favourite tan cropped knit top to achieve a whimsical, but elegant look that is perfect for winter. 

    What are your tips on shopping for trans-seasonal pieces?

    Buying pieces that can be layered is key! I live on the Gold Coast and we get beautiful, sunny weather all year round, but it can get chilly in the winter. By filling your wardrobe with pieces that are easily layered, you’re prepared for any season! 

    How do you keep the pieces in your wardrobe relevant through the seasons?

    I like to do a thorough closet clean every 2-3 months. I also rotate my clothes, so I know exactly what I have in my wardrobe and don’t get stuck wearing the same pieces again and again.

    I’m also conscious about what I purchase. I try to only add clothes to my wardrobe if I can picture myself wearing that piece through at least two seasons.

    Ena is the creative brains behind the Twosisters the Label shoots. She is a walking fashion bible and has the ability to take any fashion trend and make it easily accessible and wearable for the average person.

    Tell us about the mood you wanted to create for this shoot?

    These images were part of a Parisian inspired campaign we created with model Imogen Harvey. Upon viewing the collection, I chose a few pieces that reminded me of days spent strolling through the streets of St. Germain. I loved people watching whenever I visited the area and loved the ease at which women paired back statement pieces with simple styling. I wanted to add some contrast to the leopard print Maia skirt with a black camisole and red lip. It’s such an easy but beautiful look to pull off and offers the perfect base for trans-seasonal styling. You could easily add a blazer, leather jacket or even coat to this look.

    Where do you look for styling inspiration?

    I think when it comes to styling for a destination brand you always need to take your customer base in mind and consider what their stying needs are. Twosisters the Label is a brand that embodies fun, romance and accessibility so these are the feelings I try to evoke with each look. However, I take most of my inspiration from people watching when I travel. For most shoots I draw my inspiration from a destination and the people that made a mark while I visited. I also love turning to Instagram for inspiration. As you could have guessed by my work, I am currently stalking Caroline de Maigret, Jeanne Damas and Louise Follain.

    What do you love about the Maia skirt? 

    I love the movement that comes from the Maia skirt and how beautifully it flows when you walk. Beyond that, I love the versatility and endless styling options. This is the kind of skirt you could pair with a tee and sneakers for a casual outing and could easily dress up like we did in this shoot with a simple camisole and pair of heels. It’s long but light enough to be worn during summer and winter. As someone who subscribes to a classic wardrobe, this is the kind of piece I would inject into my repertoire with ease.

    Why did you style the Maia skirt this way? 

    Creating a dressy look can mean a lot of things. Some girls love to elevate their look with lots of jewellery or layering. I wanted to show the ease at which you could dress up the Maia skirt or any statement piece for that matter. Sometimes it’s less about overthinking it and letting one key piece stand out. For me, the pleats and leopard print in this skirt were deserving of a moment of their own. I also love Parisian style, which is clean and minimal, and this look translates just that.

    What are your tips on shopping for trans-seasonal pieces? 

    This is really reflective of how I shop all year but it really comes down to filling your wardrobe with key essentials. If you own a nice leather jacket, a few blazers and versatile maxi skirts and camisoles, you can really layer your looks. When the weather starts to cool down or warm up, you can really tie all your existing dresses and skirts in with a good jacket and boots.

    The Maia skirt comes in two colours. Why did you choose to style the leopard print? 

    I think the nude colour is a great entry-level piece for girls that don’t like to wear a lot of print. I personally love styling leopard prints, as they can be so versatile. You can make it feminine or edgy. As an example, I will style my Maia skirt with a rocker tee and sneakers. I also feel like leopard prints are having a real moment. A few years back it was considered a dated print but now it’s quite prominent in street style looks. The Piper in leopard is next on my hit list. 


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