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    December 09, 2019 3 min read

    Our favourite time of the year is almost upon us. There’s something so charming about fresh starts, new beginnings, and the unknown future. Let’s not forget it’s also the perfect excuse to party. While Christmas brings the pressure of buying, giving and receiving gifts, the New Year is all about letting loose and having fun with your friends, family and loved ones (responsibly, of course.)

    Whether you’re a party animal ready to hit the town to watch some fireworks or you’re attending a laidback house party BBQ, we know that however you’re spending the final day of 2019, we know you’ll be doing it in style. Which is exactly what our New Year’s Resolution is going to be.

    What’s your New Year’s Resolution?

    While we can all agree that we don’t need to wait until the clock strikes midnight on January 1 to begin working towards a personal goal, there is something magical about wiping the slate clean and leaving the old year behind while taking on new ambitions.

    Some of us might make a promise to wake up early for Pilates every Sunday while for others, it could be cutting out sugary foods. For us, we’ve decided to be more daring with our fashion choices.

    We don’t think our New Year’s Resolutions are too hard to keep. Check them out below. Can you commit to them as well?

  • Change up your colour palette

  • Do you find yourself always being drawn to black or darker clothing? In 2020, now’s your chance to step out of the darkness and into the light. With so many pretty colours up and coming – like lilac, fairy floss, and cherise – now’s your chance to work with shades you’ve previously been too afraid to put on. After all, you might find the brighter your top, the brighter your day. Our suggestion? Start off with a pair of fire engine red flats, and move up from there.

  • Step out of your comfort zone

  • If you ever uttered the sentence, “Oh, I love it, but I could never pull that off,” we’re going to stop you right there. Let’s make 2020 the year we try new things, including stepping out of our comfort zone. How do you know if a crop top or choker won’t suit you unless you try it? Do you love the look of high waisted jeans but don’t think they’re ‘right’ for your body shape? Give them a go and don’t be afraid to own the look.

  • Make every day your runway

  • Every morning, set your alarm an extra 15 minutes early and make a conscious effort to look your best every day. This means putting thought into your outfits and planning them out. Try them on the night before to see how they’ll look in the morning. This isn’t just limited to that pretty Twosisters midi dress you’ve bought but haven’t had the opportunity to wear just yet: rock that cute athleisure ensemble with the casual tee, even if you’re just going to the local supermarket. Nobody will know that you haven’t been to spin class - and we won’t tell either.

  • Break the rules – and have fun while doing it

  • Take at least one fashion risk a month. We’re not talking about wearing skyscraper heels that you can barely walk in – we’re talking about wearing denim on denim, wearing silver and gold jewellery together, or mixing your prints (think stripes and polka dots… in the one outfit.) Taking it one step further, there are countless style rules for tall women, short women, and plus-size women: we say throw them out. Make 2020 the year you wear whatever you like and what makes you feel confident. Ironically, we just have one rule: whatever rule you break, make sure you break it well.

  • Accessorise more

  • Just by adding one or two pieces of jewellery or a hair scarf can completely transform your outfit. Not to mention upgrade your style street cred. If you only ever wear a pair of stud earrings you’ve had since you were young because “they match every outfit,” then you need to get out there and check out statement earrings. Or a pearl headband. Or a pretty scarf. We’re thinking the bigger, the better for 2020.

    New year, new wardrobe: shop Twosisters the Label in 2020

    With New Year’s Eve just around the corner, shop Twosisters the Label online now. From figure-hugging midi dresses to polka dot jumpsuits, flared pants and more, you are sure to find something to help you ring in the New Year with style.

    We also offer fast shipping to anywhere in the world for your added convenience. Browse our collection today for timeless wardrobe staples that you’ll be able to wear for every new invitation that comes your way.

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