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    December 17, 2019 3 min read

    For many of us, the end of the year means Christmas celebrations, a break from work, and a chance to slow down and recharge for the New Year. And it also means the end of year office party. If you’re a recent graduate or started working for a new company this year, this type of celebration can leave you feeling a little worried or anxious. What should you wear? How should you behave? That’s where we come in.

    At Twosisters the Label, we’re here to help put your mind at ease with our collection of the best outfits to wear – ones that will deliver the perfect combination of professional and stylish.

    Did someone say party?

    Whether your end of year office party is a formal sit-down dinner or a reserved private room at a popular nightclub, we’ve got you covered with appropriate attire.

    The warm weather in Australia means that we aren’t so restricted in our outfit choices. So, you’re free to throw on a dress, playsuit, or a two piece without needing to pile on the scarf and oversized trench coat. Here’s our top 4 suggestions:

    1.   The two piece:We love a good two-piece because you can wear them as separates for another day and time. But when worn jointly, you’ll look effortlessly put together. Our Franklin Set is a favourite of ours due to its cute (and appropriate) v-neck drop top, and high-low midi skirt. The lace ruffles complete the look and give it an ultra-feminine style while showing off minimal midriff. Feel more comfortable in a pants-and-top combo? Try our Shannon Pants and Shannon Top.
    2.   The maxi dress:You’ll be ready to hit any after-five event in this elegant and feminine number. Our Marissa Dress in pink is floor-length, with a twist. With a mid-thigh skirt slit and a lace tie up back, it’s understated yet sexy… and it’s the perfect alternative to traditional formal gowns.
    3.   The midi dress:Unless you work in an all-girls office, we recommend ditching the LBD. Our Lindsey Dress, however, will tick all the right boxes - figure-hugging, asymmetrical cut, and off-the-shoulder detailing. We especially love it in red (for festivity’s sake, of course) and its length gives you the best of both worlds.
    4.   The jumpsuit:Ah, the humble jumpsuit is the personification of the office – party on top and business on the bottom. Our Anastasia Jumpsuit in navy is a combo of flared pants teamed with a sweetheart neckline bodice. The pretty detailing on the shoulders matches the fabric across the waist. Sleek and understated more your style? Our Amanda Jumpsuit in white is clean, crisp and stylish.

    As for accessories? Make sure you break in your shoes before the big night – there’s nothing attractive or professional about hobbling around on painful feet at midnight, or worse, going barefoot with shoes in hand.

    And when it comes to jewellery – go bold or go home. Our Ellery Double Hoop Earrings will match just about any outfit.

    5 tips for enjoying your first office party

    While it’s certainly a time to unwind and relax with a glass of bubbly in tow, it doesn’t mean you have permission to go OTT. Moving forward, you don’t want to be the poster girl for hownot to behave or dress at a corporate function.

    Here’s our 5 tips for enjoying your first office party:

    • Think of your office party as a chance to mingle with your colleagues outside of work, not as an obligation
    • Talk to your office besties about your outfit options to ensure you’re all on the same page when it comes to appropriate attire
    •  Your office party is an extension of the workplace, so try not to blur the professional line
    • For the above reason, go easy on the alcohol. We’re all for celebrating the holidays and letting your hair down, but you don’t want to cringe at regrettable moments
    • Know when to film the most fun parts for your Insta-story… and when to not.

    Get office-party ready with Twosisters the Label

    Your office party is the last major event of the year before the Christmas break, and you want to end it on a good note (especially if you plan on returning the following year without egg on your face!) Our collection of dresses, jumpsuits and two-pieces are designed to help you enjoy a corporate Christmas party in comfort and style.

    With invitations for corporate end of year parties no doubt already delivered and distributed, shop Twosisters the Label now. Browse our collection now and enjoy fast shipping across the world.

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