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    July 09, 2020 3 min read

    Getting invited to the wedding of a loved one or friend is both a special and fun affair. We can’t think of anything better than witnessing the union of two people over delicious food, wine, cocktails and dancing. Vows are said, memories are made, and you go home feeling buzzed from all the love and laughter (although some of that is probably the alcohol too!).

    The most common wedding related question we get at Twosisters the Label is “What do I wear?”.

    While it may seem like a minor detail in the grand scheme of things, it’s a source of stress for many a wedding guest. You want to dress appropriately and respectfully for the day, but you also want to feel comfortable and look beautiful.

    There are a couple of wedding etiquette expectations that we’d encourage everyone to follow (don’t wear white to a wedding, respect any cultural traditions the couple may have and don’t show too much skin), but we’ve also written a handy little guide below to give you an idea of appropriate dresses for different dress codes and wedding locations!


    A formal dress code likely means that the wedding is being held at a formal location such as a hotel, ballroom or winery.

    Traditionally, formal dress codes call for floor length gowns but increasingly, midi dresses are also appropriate. We typically recommend choosing darker colours for a formal dress code, but keep in mind the wedding venue as well. If the wedding is being held in the day at a winery, you can get away with lighter and brighter colours!

    You’ll definitely want to pair your dress with heels and a clutch for a formal wedding and may want to consider getting your hair and makeup professionally styled.

    Basically, put your best foot forward, but don’t overshadow the bride!

    For a formal wedding, we’d recommend the Brienne, Goddess or Leanne dresses.

    Twosisters The Label Goddess Dress Champagne

    Twosisters The Label Brienne Dress Green


    Cocktail attire is probably the most common dress code seen on modern wedding invitations.

    Think of cocktail attire as somewhere in between ‘formal’ and ‘smart casual’, so a shorter dress works perfectly!

    The cocktail dress code isn’t as traditional as a formal wedding, but you’ll still want to be well dressed and put together. We encourage styling your dress with heels and an evening clutch.

    To suit a cocktail dress code, we’d recommend the Rachel, Piper or Libby dresses.

    Twosisters The Label Libby Dress Mulberry

    Twosisters The Label Rachel Dress Black


    If you’re attending a garden wedding, keep in mind that you’ll be spending most, if not all, your time outdoors, so dress appropriately for the elements!

    Pick dress styles that you can pair with wedges or dressy flats because no one wants to spend their day/night sinking into the ground from their heels.

    Keep the weather forecast and time of the wedding in mind when choosing a dress. If it gets chilly at night, wear a dress with sleeves or bring a light shawl to cover your shoulders.

    We are partial to floral prints at garden weddings, so check out the Charlotte or Davina dresses. If florals aren’t your thing, then have a look at the Stella or Tamica dresses instead.

    Twosisters The Label Charlotte Dress Paradise Print

    Twosisters The Label Davina Dress Pink

    Twosisters The Label Stella Dress Navy


    Similar to a garden wedding, consider the elements when picking a dress for a beach wedding!

    Beach weddings are typically held in spring or summer, so it’s likely to be warm and sunny. Pick a dress style with fabric that is light and flowy, so that you don’t get sweaty and uncomfortable as the day wears on. The extra benefit of a light fabric is that you’ll be able to brush away any sand that gets on your dress.

    Since beach weddings are traditionally held in spring or summer, choose colours that are light or bright. Don’t bother with heels at a beach wedding, you’ll probably be barefoot for most of the day anyway, so choose a shorter dress that won’t drag in the sand

    For a beach wedding, we would recommend the Reese, Mindy or Daisy dresses.

    Twosisters The Label Reese Dress Navy

    Twosisters The Label Daisy Dress Pink

    Twosisters The Label Mindy Dress Navy


    If you’re lucky enough to be invited to a small backyard wedding or to witness the elopement of someone close to you, chances are, the dress code will be casual.

    Unless the couple has specified that it’s okay to wear jeans or t-shirts, we’d encourage you to still dress appropriately for the day. No matter how small and casual the ceremony is, it’s still their special day and you want to be respectful of that moment.

    Choose a shorter dress that you can move around easily in. Especially with elopements, there’s often a lot of moving around from one venue to another, so you’ll want to be wearing something comfortable.

    For a casual dress code, we’d recommend the Lorna, Laurie or Senorita dresses.

    Twosisters The Label Laurie Dress Emerald Green

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