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    August 11, 2020 4 min read

    You’ve swiped right, determined that they aren’t a serial killer and have finally made plans to meet them in real life. Now comes the hard part.

    What do you wear on the first date?!

    First dates are nerve wracking at the best of times, so we encourage making every other aspect of the date as comfortable as possible. From choosing a venue, makeup look and an outfit to wear, a first date isn’t the best time to be trying something new or drastically different to what you’d normally do.

    So you have one less thing to worry about, we’ve put together some first date outfit suggestions below.

    Brunch/Coffee Date

    Getting brunch or catching up over a coffee is the perfect first date activity. It’s not overly formal and is the perfect environment to chat and get to know someone better. Scheduling a first date in the morning/earlier part of the day also leaves the rest of the day flexible.

    Date going well? Maybe head to the park for a walk after! Date not going so great? You’ve got a VERY busy day ahead and need to run off!

    Since a brunch or coffee date tends to be quite casual, you want to look presentable, but not overdressed. Most importantly, you want to be comfortable and wearing something that can take you through for the rest of the day if the date ends up going well!

    If your first date is in winter, we’d recommend the Sarah knit. She’s warm, soft and cosy. Like a reassuring hug from your mum or best friend. Pair the Sarah knit with jeans and sneakers for a more casual look or some heeled ankle boots for something a little more formal.

    Summer date?

    Then you need the Fergie set.

    This linen-look twinset is perfect together but can also be worn and styled separately.

    Pair the Fergie top with high waisted denim shorts or a denim mini. The skirt is easily styled with a variety of tops! Whether it’s a graphic tee, favourite basic or floral crop top, the Fergie skirt is the perfect canvas to build your look on.

    First Date Over Cocktails

    If you need a little liquid courage to get you through a first date, drinks at a bar is the obvious choice and we suggest our cult-classics, the Pip or Piper for cocktail hour.

    Aside from the fact that the fit of the Pip and Piper dresses are extremely flattering, they’re also the perfect balance between sophisticated and trendy. It’s a dress that would look just as at home in a small, speakeasy as it would at a trendy rooftop cocktail bar.

    We’d lean towards the Piper for winter because of the longer sleeves, but the Pip dress also pairs well with a denim or leather jacket.

    Dinner Date

    A night-time date tends to be more formal than a day date, so your outfit should reflect that. Finding the balance between an outfit that is put together but not over-the-top can be tricky, which is why we’ve chosen the Tina dress.

    The little peek of lace along the chest is subtle (and dare we say it, a little sexy even!) and the relaxed, flowy fit means you don’t have to worry about eating too much at dinner and feeling uncomfortable in a tight dress or pants.

    Accessorise the Tina dress with some simple earrings and you’re ready!

    If you’re heading out in winter, the Tina pairs perfectly with a long coat and heeled boots.

    Movie Date

    Contrary to popular belief, a movie can be a great first date idea, especially if you’re the type of person who takes a little while to warm up to someone. Catching a movie on your first date gives you a little time to get to know the person before the movie starts and gives you a topic of discussion after the movie ends!

    Our number one rule when dressing for a movie date is comfort.

    No one wants to sit through a 2-hour movie in something they aren’t comfortable in, which is why we’d suggest the Dannie knit.

    She’s soft, comfortable and is perfect for keeping you warm in a cold movie theatre.

    The best thing about the Dannie knit is that it’s easy to shrug her off and leave her in your car if it’s warm outside!

    Outdoor Dates

    In times of social distancing, outdoor dates have become increasingly common. While we’re all for enjoying nature and the outdoors, we have to admit that it can be a bit of a pain trying to predict what the weather will do!

    Sure, it looks sunny outside, but when the wind blows, the chill makes you catch your breath a little! So, to avoid cutting your date short because you’re cold, make sure you bring along the Dannie knit!

    As we mentioned above, it’s an easy piece to take off and leave in your car if you don’t need it, but is a life saver for when the temperature plummets and you realise it’s a little too cool for comfort!

    The best thing about the Dannie knit is she pairs well with so many different outfits. So whether it’s a top and jeans on your movie date or activewear on your walk by the beach, she has you covered for every occasion, no matter the weather!

    We hope you have fun on your date and most importantly, remember to stay safe!

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