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    August 10, 2020 3 min read

    Spring carnival.

    Whether you love it or hate it, there’s no denying that spring is THE season to suss out the latest fashion trends. It’s a field day (haha, see what we did there?) for every fashion lover and we dare say the spring races are all about what everyone is wearing vs the (slightly controversial) sporting activity that is typically associated with the spring season.

    Below, we go through the biggest spring trends we anticipate seeing on the field this year, so if you aren’t sure what to wear to your local races, keep on reading!


    As the great Miranda Priestly put it, “Florals? For Spring? Ground-breaking.”

    We know, we know.

    Florals for spring may not be the ground-breaking fashion trend that we were waiting for, but it’s a spring trend that has stood the test of time, year after year, which is why we firmly believe that there truly is no better time to break out the florals than at the spring races.

    Our biggest tip to keeping florals looking fresh is to experiment!

    You can find beautiful floral lace prints and floral prints that come in unexpected colour combinations. So just because florals aren’t ground-breaking doesn’t mean that you can’t keep them looking current and on trend!

    Tiered skirts

    Tiered skirts were seen on the Oscar De La Renta and Dior runways for Spring/Summer 2020 and we are all for this trend.

    Tiered skirts add volume to what could otherwise have been a simple silhouette and the added drama the extra layers give you is exactly what you want at the races! If there was a time to be a little extra with your outfit, it’s at the spring races!

    Ankle length dresses

    Midi dresses had their moment last year and while we still adore this trend, it’s time for ankle length dresses to make their mark!

    The ankle length dress can feel a little intimidating as so many women feel like it cuts them off at an awkward length and makes them look shorter than they are, but we’re here to convince you otherwise!

    Contrary to popular belief, dresses that end at your ankle adds height to your overall look as it gives the impression that your legs are a little too long for the dress, thus elongating your frame.

    Vest tops

    If you were a 90s kid, you would remember when vests were the fashion “it” outfit of choice.

    Nothing made you feel cooler than a pair of low-slung jeans and t-shirt (with a little bit of your belly showing of course!) completed with a suit vest over the top.

    Well ladies, we’re happy to report that the vest has come back!

    Still traumatised by your fashion choices from the years past?

    Don’t worry, this is the vest Twosisters The Label style.

    Our take on the vest trend are dresses that mimic the silhouette of a vest without the traditional masculinity and traumatic 90’s fashion choices commonly associated with the suit vest.

    Perfect for the spring races? We certainly think so!

    Sheer looks

    There is no better way to welcome the sunshine and warmer weather than with light, sheer fabrics such as tulle and chiffon. These fabrics are also the perfect way to add airiness and lightness to your outfit after months of being wrapped up in layers of knits and wool.

    When it comes to sheer looks though, there is a fine line between fashion forward and fashion disaster.

    To avoid showing a little more than you intended to after a few glasses of wine, keep the sheer fabrics subtle and classy.

    Choose an area to focus on, whether it’s the sleeves, chest or hem rather than going for an outfit that’s made completely from a sheer fabric to avoid a fashion mishap that will haunt you for years to come.

    Tropical prints

    If you’re looking for a new take on florals, then tropical prints are the way to go!

    This trend comes at the perfect time as well since we can’t go on holiday, so we’re bringing the holiday to us!

    The spring races was traditionally a more formal affair, but in recent years, we’ve seen the addition of fun fashion trends on the field, and nothing screams fun louder than a bright, tropical print dress!

    Bright colours

    Move over pastels, bright colours are having a moment this spring!

    While pastel colours are the traditional colour palette of the spring season, we are loving the addition of brighter “look at me” colours to spring wardrobes!

    After months of cold, grey, winter weather, what else is better than whipping out the brightest dress you can find to enjoy a sunny day of cocktails with your friends!

    As we mentioned earlier, there is no better time than the races to go a little extra with your outfit!

    Hot pink? Yes please!

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