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Giving Back

At Twosisters, we strongly believe in giving back to society. Together with B1G1, we are determined to make this world a better place. We not only believe in creating a sustainable world for future generations, but we also believe we can achieve a kinder world by helping each other right now.


Every quarter, the Twosisters family comes together and chooses a charity that we all feel passionately about.


This is where you come in! We have partnered with B1G1 so that for every order placed, $1 from that order will be donated to our chosen charity/project.


At the end of every month, the donation amount is calculated and payment will be made through B1G1's portal. Want to know the impact we've made so far? Check it out below! We're super proud and you should be too!

This quarter, we're proudly supporting a project that

Educates orphaned and at-risk children

Hands Across the water

Hands Across the Water (Hands) currently supports six homes in Thailand; Khao Lak; Chumophon; Kanchanaburi; Chanthaburi; Yasothon and Surin. Around 250 children are directly cared by Hands in addition to the hundreds in the communities being supported by our outreach programs. Their children come from various situations, some are orphaned, others affected by HIV and many at-risk due to drugs, domestic violence and sex trafficking.


Hands aims to provide a safe environment, education and improvement opportunities to orphaned and at-risk Thai children and their communities.


With every 2 orders placed at Twosisters, we have the capacity to educate an orphaned or at-risk child for a week.

Every 7 orders placed at Twosisters will have the impact of educating an in need child for a whole month!





We are serious about giving back and would like to be 100% transparent with you guys! After all, you are contributing to these projects just as much as we are! Here is some extra information that may help to clarify some things...

What do you mean you donate $1 for every order placed?

We will be donating $1 (Australian Dollars) for every order we receive. This does not include orders that have been refunded or that have been returned for a store credit. However, it does include orders placed with a store credit. We would also like to emphasise that $1 will be donated for every order placed, not every garment purchased.

For example, Sarah placed an order for a Khaleesi and Giselle Dress, she has decided to keep them. $1 will be donated to our nominated cause.

Jillian has purchased a Shannon Top for herself, but has decided to refund it as it is faulty. She did not opt for a replacement. $1 will not be donated as her order has been fully refunded.

Kelly has just received a Khaleesi dress in the size 8 but upon trying it, she had a change of mind and would like to return it for a store credit. $1 will only be donated to our nominated cause once she has placed an order with her store credit and has decided to keep her order.

Sarah places a second order with us, ordering the Celine Set and Charlotte Dress. She's decided to return the Charlotte Dress as it is faulty, but is keeping her Celine Set. $1 will be donated to our nominated cause as she has purchased and kept 1 dress in that order. Therefore, $1 will be donated.

How do you make your donation?

Every month, our accountant will receive the totol number of orders for the month from our orders team. We will then 'purchase' our donation on B1G1's site. Please note that B1G1 only accepts donations in USD. We will calculate the currency rate based on Google's currency converter. This means that donations might have a discrepency of +/- $5 (AUD). Donations will only be made once the month has finished.