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    March 01, 2021 3 min read

    As sad as we are to write this, summer is coming to an end, but we aren’t quite ready to say goodbye just yet!

    While summer officially ends this week, we know we have a couple of weeks’ worth of warm weather left and you bet we’ll be making the most of it!

    Here’s how we’ll be spending our next few weekends!

    Go to An Outdoor Event in Your Area

    One of the best things about summer is the abundance of outdoor events that are held in cities all over Australia.

    Make the most of your last week of summer and head to an outdoor event near you, whether it’s the Fringe, an outdoor movie or concert or even just to your weekend market to support local producers!

    It’s also the perfect reason to get dressed up and make the most of your summer wardrobe before it gets too cold!

    Eat Alfresco

    We love when restaurants start setting tables up outside as soon as the weather turns a little warmer!

    Try a new restaurant in your city, enjoy the balmy summer evening air and do a spot of people watching this weekend. It’s also a great way to find fashion inspo if you’ve been feeling a little stuck in your wardrobe recently!

    Beachside Staycation

    International travel feels like a thing of the past, but it’s the perfect excuse to explore your own backyard!

    Support your local tourism industry and book a staycation by the beach!

    It’s a great way to unwind, recharge and give yourself a little treat after the challenging year that 2020 brought us.

    It’s also a fun opportunity to discover new things about your city that you may never have otherwise! A new local coffee spot perhaps, or a cute little boutique that has the best gifting options!

    Fruit Picking

    Skip the store-bought fruit and head to your local orchard for a spot of fruit picking.

    It’s a lovely way to spend a warm, sunny day outdoors but also, who can resist plump, juicy fruit straight from the source? Store-bought fruit just does not compare!

    Throw a Party

    Who says you need a reason to throw a party?!

    Invite your family and friends over for a summer BBQ and an evening of ice-cold drinks while the sun is out!

    Break out the cricket set, slap on the sunscreen and you have the formula for a perfect summer day!

    Ice-Cream Tour

    Gather your friends and plan an ice-cream tour around your city!

    Ask all your friends to pick their favourite ice-cream spot and grab a scoop of ice-cream at each stop.

    Rent a Kayak

    Summer is the best time to play outdoor sports and there isn’t a more summer-worthy activity than kayaking!

    Whether you decide to do it alone or with another person, kayaking is a great way to stay active and enjoy the warmth while it’s still here!

    The best thing about kayaking in summer is the inevitable dip (or fall!) into the water will be a welcome respite to the heat rather than an unpleasant plunge into icy cold water.

    Remember to wear a hat and bring lots of water and sunscreen!

    Cook a Meal with Summer Produce

    Make the most of summer and plan a meal around the beautiful summer produce that’s available to us at this time of the year!

    We love including fruit in our salads for a little bit of sweetness and the combination of sweet peaches and salty goat cheese in this recipe is one of our favourites! If you’re not a fan of goat cheese, it’s easily substituted with feta.

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