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    February 28, 2020 3 min read

    The term “street style” gets thrown around on fashion blogs, Instagram and articles all the time, but what exactly is street style?

    Street style is fashion that comes from the “streets”, rather than off the runway. It captures the essence of comfort, wearability, culture and the individual style of the person wearing it, rather than what’s trending in fashion magazines.

    The Melbourne Fashion Festival begins next week, and we wanted to share our favourite street style tips and show you how to capture your best street look with Twosisters the Label!

    Don’t be afraid to layer and add volume to your look!

    Take a leaf out of Aishwarya’s (@aishjames) book and layer your pieces!

    Focus your look around one detail (in this case, it’s the full sleeves on the top) and work from there.

    A good way to ensure your look doesn’t get too OTT is to stick to white’s, black’s and neutrals so that the focus is on the layering and volume. Keep your accessories simple and understated as well.

    Pair sneakers with a dress

    Okay, we know we’re not alone in thinking this but, how good are sneakers?! Not only are they super trendy ATM, they’re also ridiculously comfortable and are (literally) made to run around in all day.

    Sneakers are the perfect way to pare back a girly dress so that you don’t feel overdressed while popping into the supermarket for your weekly shop.

    Megan, from @lifewithmegz shows us how white sneakers look great with everything but go ahead and wear your most colourful sneakers if that’s a reflection of your personality and style!

    Style an all-white outfit for a clean and crisp look

    An all-white outfit can sometimes be a little daunting, but it’s such a fresh look that can be worn through the year.

    Start small by incorporating white dresses and sets in your wardrobe ala Rochelle from @justanothermannequin and work your way up to mixing and matching white tops and bottoms!

    Don’t be afraid to mix different tones of white as well! A cream sweater can look great with stark white pants.

    Accessories. Accessories. Accessories.

    The very essence of street style is making your outfit a true representation of who you are and what your style is.

    Adding accessories are a quick and simple way to breathe some fresh air into an old outfit.

    Make the most out of what you have in your wardrobe by accessorising with hats, hair pieces, jewellery, bags and shoes.

    Pair a traditionally masculine piece with one that is more feminine

    Balance your look by pairing a masculine piece, such as straight cut pants or oversized jeans, with a top that’s light and flowy.

    Remember, street style is meant to be wearable, so loose fitting clothing works well with this look. A concern for many with clothes that are baggy is that they can look shapeless. Matching a relaxed piece with one that is more feminine and fitted will help to ensure you nail “street style” without looking messy!

    When in doubt, wear a jumpsuit!

    Jamie from @jamie.loves demonstrates how a jumpsuit is the epitome of casual, effortless style and we feel like it captures the very essence of street style.

    Wearable, comfortable and cool (without looking like you’re trying too hard), a jumpsuit can be dressed down, up and is the perfect base to work with if you want to layer, accessorise or play with colour and print!

    Street style may feel intimidating when you’re seeing it photographed on the streets at Melbourne Fashion Festival or on your favourite Instagram fashion blogger who looks good in everything she wears, but really, street style is for everyone. Try one of these tips and you’ll see how easy it is to achieve an Instagram worthy look with pieces that most of us already have in our wardrobes!

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