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    September 12, 2019 4 min read

    When you look back on your moments in high school, you’re not going to remember your tests and grades, fleeting crushes, or arguments with friends. You’re going to remember what you wore to your Year 12 formal.Trust us on this one.

    No pressure but finding the perfect formal dress for your end-of-year celebrations is kind of a big deal. It’s going to be plastered all over your Instagram and that of your friends’, and if done correctly, will be your styling beacon for years to come (only surpassed by your graduation or wedding day outfits.)

    Are you ready to find the perfect fit for your formal? Let’s go!

    What to wear to your formal

    You want your formal dress to make you feel confident and truly represent your style. At Twosisters the Label, our dresses are designed for the babes who lust for that classic and feminine style (AKA the type of look you won’t have to erase from your Instagram feed in two years.) However, this doesn’t mean you have to keep it simple – in fact, with a few statement jewellery pieces here and there, you’ll be able to make any look truly your own.

    Since formal dresses tend to have fitted bodices and more structure, they’re sized a little bit different to ‘normal clothing.’ While Twosisters is an online only boutique store in Australia, we can still help you find that perfect fit using a bit of magic (and style know-how.)

    How to find the perfect formal dress for your body type

    Finding a formal dress that complements your body’s natural shape is key to looking and feeling confident on the night. To find your natural body shape, stand hip-width apart in front of a mirror and observe your silhouette (the outline of your body). You’ll start to see where your body naturally widens and where it narrows.

    Check out our compilation of the most common body types below and see where you best fit in. Remember, it doesn’t matter what size or shape you are: there’s a perfect dress for you online at Twosisters!

    • Hourglass: You have a narrow waist with hips and bust about equal in length (hello, Marilyn Monroe!) With a symmetrical shape to your body, you’ll look gorgeous in fitted dresses that are long, midi or even mini. If you really want to stand out, get a little cheeky and go backless. 
    • Apple: When you’re apple-shaped, your midsection is not as defined and you may have slim legs. Look for dresses that create definition around your waist: a sweetheart neckline or deep v-neck will look stunning on you. You could even opt for a dramatic full and flowy skirt or a mini skater dress that shows off your legs. 
    • Pear: Your hips tend to be your main feature and are wider than your waist and bust. Look for dresses that accentuate your top half, like an off the shoulder or one sleeve evening dress. A high neck with lace detailing will also help balance out your bottom half.
    • Column: Also known as the Athletic shape, look for figure-hugging dresses that wrap around the hips and bust. Dare to bare one thigh in an asymmetrical style that leaves just enough to the imagination (without getting into trouble!)

    50 shades of slay: your best formal dress colour

    Now that you’ve got the shape of your dress all figured out (excuse the pun), you’ll need to think about the colour of your gown. Thankfully, Twosisters has provided helpful advice on the perfect colours to make your best features pop.

    • Blonde: Do blondes really have more fun? Only if they’re wearing pastel hues like lavender and baby blue! If you’re a warmer shade, you will stand out in mauve, red or amber.
    • Brunette: When you’ve got dark hair, go bright with your clothes. Pinks, greens and even steel blue can all have your date feeling some type of way about your dress!
    • Redhead: Warm and dramatic, you’ll be dressed to impress in a green, navy or peach number.
    • Ombre: We already know that you don’t follow trends: you start them. Whether you’re rocking balayage hair or even a wild pink, you could go for a subtle yet strong black dress or clash artistically with just about any colour!

    Of course, you can still turn heads in a white or black dress. Just be sure to match your dress with some statement jewellery.

    Find your perfect fit with Twosisters

    No matter what style or colour you wear to your formal, you’re bound to slay in our dresses. As one of Australia’s favourite online clothing boutiques, we are known for providing beautiful formal dresses made from high-quality, ethical materials (that won’t burn through your wallet.) Best of all, we offer Afterpay with every order so FOMO will be a thing of the past.

    Shop our formal dresses collection now!

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