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    June 03, 2021 4 min read

    Zodiac signs aren’t just for guidance in your love life or career path. They can also guide you towards the perfect outfit for you!

    So if you’re looking for a sign that you need a new outfit, this is it!


    Aries are natural leaders, so it’s no surprise that they’re the first sign in the zodiac. Stay true to your sign and lead the fashion sweepstakes in the Harriette dress in wisteria or the Ellington bodysuit in lilac. People naturally look to you for leadership, so stand out from the crowd and don’t be afraid to embrace this new and unique colourway!


    The comfortable, luxe fabric on the Mellie dress makes this the perfect choice for a Taurus whom we know enjoy the finer things in life.

    While Taureans love luxury, they also know the value and importance of investment, which is why the Mellie dress is essential to their wardrobe. This timeless and versatile style can be dressed up and down for multiple occasions and across multiple seasons because investments don’t just have to be financial; wardrobe investments count too!


    Celestially symbolised by a set of twins, Gemini are known for their indecisive natures. So, what else would we recommend for Gemini’s except a set because why settle for one new outfit when you can have multiple?!

    The Nola set is the perfect option for all you busy Gemini ladies. The Nola can be worn together but is also so easily paired with existing items that you have in your wardrobe for a completely different look. So whether you just can’t make up your mind or you have multiple engagements in a day that will require multiple outfit changes, the Nola set has got it all covered.


    Cancers are known to care deeply for their loved ones and are the best sign at creating safe and cozy spaces. The Amira dress is the perfect option for Cancers who want to spoil their loved ones with a party hosted in their home.


    What’s everyone looking at? It’s obviously our Leo queen who’s just arrived at the party! We know you Leo’s enjoy the spotlight, so make sure all eyes are on you at your next event with the hot pink Khaleesi dress! We promise they’ll be rolling out the red carpet for you!


    Virgos; our practical, earth sign. Get in touch with your earthy roots in the Olive dress in rust. This style is a great choice for the cooler months because it can be worn to work, but is also dressy enough to wear to dinner.

    The Olive dress is also easily dressed down with sneakers though, because if a Virgo is going to buy a dress, you best believe it’ll be something they can wear to multiple occasions!


    Our aesthetic queens! Build your look around the Zora dress, a wardrobe staple that will be the blank canvas you need to create the most Insta-worthy outfits.

    The Zora is also crafted from a warm and high quality knit that would suit your exquisite taste and make for super comfortable wearing.


    For all our ambitious Scorpio ladies, the dress that will take you from work, to drinks, and then maybe back to work again (because we see all you hardworking Scorpions!), is the Messia dress.

    The Messia dress is also insanely comfortable because that’s important when you’re working all day towards your goals!


    Sagittarians are natural wanderers who are always looking for their next adventure. These charming, magnetic personalities need a dress that is adaptable to situations and versatile enough to fit in wherever their spirit takes them.

    The Nadia dress is the perfect option for our Sagittarius sisters. This versatile mini dress is comfortable enough to wear on your next adventure, whether it’s out to try that new café for brunch, a walk by the beach at sunset or spontaneous cocktails with your friends!


    A Capricorn’s can-do attitude almost always leads them to success in whatever they put their mind to. This workaholic sign can sometimes struggle to achieve balance between work and their personal lives which is why we believe the Alaska cardigan was made for all you Capricorns!

    This soft, cosy cardigan will remind you to take a break and lounge on the couch when you need it because breaks are not bad!


    The Brynlee top is a must have for our quirky Aquarian sisters! This wardrobe staple has been made just that little bit more special with a unique, asymmetric neckline, perfect for any Aquarian looking for that something special for their wardrobe.

    The best part? You’ll have so much ease of movement in this top for our freedom loving Aquarians!


    Pisces are known to be a sign that adapts easily to different surroundings, which makes the Cairo bodysuit an ideal option for them!

    This versatile style can be worn with jeans, a skirt or shorts and can be dressed up or down in so many ways.

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