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    May 13, 2020 3 min read

    Parisian style is the inspiration of every fashion lover. Their effortless, sophisticated style has been emulated by every cool girl (and guy) and has inspired many fashion editorial shoots.

    We outline the essence of Parisian chic below and the best ways to incorporate timeless French styling into your everyday outfits.

    Minimal Makeup

    For that classic French girl beauty, keep your makeup minimal. Focus on keeping your skin looking natural and glowy, so skip the contour and bring light to your face with a cream highlighter.

    Wear neutral eye makeup, keep it matte and don’t worry too much about making it look perfect. Think a cream eyeshadow smudged on to your lids with your fingers. The overall look you’re going for is effortless and like you got ready in 10 minutes, even if it actually took you 30 minutes!

    Lastly, don’t forget to add a red lipstick. Every girl needs to have a go-to red lipstick in her makeup bag. It instantly elevates your look and makes it look like you spent way more time on your makeup than you did! For that perfect French girl red lip, we recommend Fenty’s Stunna Lip Paint in Uncensored or Ruby Woo from MAC Cosmetics.

    Keep Your Designer Labels Subtle

    Parisian style is subtle and classy, so excessively huge logos are a big no-no. Keep your designer logos discrete. Fashion pieces that scream a brand’s logo are a little too showy and over-the-top for classic French style. Remember that true style is about how you wear an item, not about the label you’re wearing.

    Don’t Overdo It

    As the queen of Parisian style, Coco Chanel, herself once put it, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory”.

    Parisian style is minimalistic so keep your look simple and clean.

    Think white silk blouses, a little black dress, tailored jeans and pants, a classic leather jacket and well-fitted cashmere sweaters.

    A huge bonus is that these are all items that can be worn again and again. A white shirt and little black dress will always have a place in your wardrobe. They’re classic pieces that never date and can be worn in so many ways.

    Neutral Colour Palette

    Sure, neutral colours may seem boring, but they’re also timeless.

    Keeping your wardrobe as neutral coloured as possible makes it easy to put together outfits that are sophisticated. It also allows you to style one piece in many ways.

    If you want to add colour to your wardrobe, do so with a pop of colour to a neutral-toned outfit. Think a bright coloured bag or skirt, while keeping everything else subdued.

    Fitted and Relaxed Silhouettes

    Parisian style isn’t overly sexualized so your pieces should be well fitted, but not tight. Stay away from crop tops and too tight skinny jeans. Instead, reach for relaxed, breezy pieces like a summer dress that can be styled day and night.

    Parisian style is also well-fitted. Too loose and it can look sloppy, too tight and it can look tacky. Not many of us can afford the hefty price tag that comes with tailored high-end garments though, so instead, find pieces that can be easily altered to fit you perfectly.

    Mix Up Your Outfits

    Add an element of surprise to your outfits by mixing and matching styles, textures and prints.

    Wear a lace skirt with a biker tee and leather jacket. Style your ripped denim with pointed heels.

    You want to look perfectly put together, but not like you tried too hard.

    Don’t Sacrifice Comfort for Style (within reason)

    While we definitely don’t mean it’s okay to go out in sweatpants, you definitely don’t want to wear something that you feel uncomfortable in. The essence of Parisian style is confidence, so feeling comfortable in what you wear is a must!

    No one wants to be walking around all day in 5-inch heels. Swap those out for kitten heels instead. Not a heels girl? A classic pair of ballet flats goes with so many outfits!

    Little Black Dress

    Every girl needs a Little Black Dress in her wardrobe. It’s the perfect blank canvas to add your own style and flair.

    The perfect Little Black Dress should always make a woman feel good when she puts it on and that she can whip out of her wardrobe for a multitude of occasions, from cocktail parties to dinner with her partner’s family.

    French style can seem intimidating, but the very essence of Parisian chic is effortless, simple and not overdone. Ultimately, wear your clothes with confidence and that's half the battle won!

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